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Creating a memorable experience is what we are all about at Tennessee Photo booth. We take pride in our attention to detail and our professional service so that our clients and their guests enjoy a marvelous event. Clear Communication, creativity and consistent coordination yield the highest quality photos and a first class experience. “Our mission is to help create real moments and genuine smiles and capture those images forever.

Professional Photo Booth Company

“Choosing the right Photo booth company is an important decision. You don’t really know what to look for, your options are endless but you want the best booth you can afford for your event. Keeping in mind that there can be big differences in price, features, value, quality, add-ons, professionalism and it all matters.

Photo Booth For Your Event

The right Photo booth company is as important as shopping for your Photographer and DJ. Your Photo booth has two extremely important functions at your event: Capturing those special moments in beautiful, full color or black and white high quality photographs. Entertaining and engaging your guests to the point that they just can’t stay away from creating one more one-of-a-kind photo that YOU will treasure forever. When it’s time to choose a photo booth rental company, Make the right choice, Make it Tennessee Photo Booth.

I seriously can’t express how totally wonderful this company is and how very, very satisfied we were with the service delivered. Please don’t hesitate to book Tennessee photo booth because there aren’t a ton of reviews just yet…it is a newer business (though you’d never guess it by how well they run everything) but I’m guessing it won’t be long before we see this company explode with their passion, professionalism, and drive! —Nicole M.

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